FILLE DE LA LUNE was birthed from a deep love for sensory experience. A multi-disciplinary creative at heart, perfumer Maya Yogev has carefully created FILLE DE LA LUNE as a path to pleasure and allows one to reminisce on memories and figment alike, underpinned with a subtle indulgence. Her beginnings in the fashion industry allowed her to explore her vision in both fashion design and wardrobe styling, working with some of the world’s most iconic creatives. After 20 years in the fashion industry, Maya’s shifting beliefs in the way clothing was being produced and sold led her to follow her intuition to study with a renown perfumer, later taking on the role of apprentice.  This experience propelled her to create FILLE DE LA LUNE, a brand that is founded on the exploration of the senses. Starting with scent, FILLE DE LA LUNE aims to birth a re-imagining of the experience of scent, incorporating intangibles along with the visual, with each scent being a true daughter of the Moon.

Rooted in fond, warm memories from her life, culture and travels, FILLE DE LA LUNE is a natural embodiment of Maya’s vision and intuitive sensibility to please the senses. Born to a Moroccan father and Libyan mother, Maya’s affinity for her North African culture is intrinsic and has been delicately woven through all her creative endeavors. For Maya, fragrance is the perfect expression of love and mystery, encapsulated in precious vessels that evoke a sense of subtle intrigue.  She creates fragrances with the intent to give you a fantastical escape as well as a familiar comfort to come back to.  With a range of fragrances that are at times transporting, distant memories give way to pleasure, allowing one to succumb to their own fantastical desires, inducing obsession.  

Using only the highest quality of base oils, natural essential oils, absolutes as well as nature-identical safe synthetics, Maya creates with a mindful heart, respecting the gifts of our earth to prevent overharvesting on our beautiful planet.  She imparts the same mindful practice to the design of her bottles as well. Whether displayed on your vanity, re-purposed into a bud vase for single florals, or simply collected as a decorative object, the bottles have been designed to live long after the last drop of fragrance leaves its vessel.